legit area

installation | mixed media 2020

UV led, steel feet, fan, soil, plastic tub, cannula, mirror film, water, avocado, raw silk, canvas, insulating material, spray paint

In industry, UV is used for the germ-free treatment of air and water. The process was copied from the sun, whose rays kill everything. For LEGIT AREA, I climbed into gigantic air ducts of a power station and talked to people who supply us with processed heat and electricity in a systemically relevant way. Only the place is photographically documented, the people are not visible – just like the sun’s rays, which have developed via cyanotype, the germ-free photos. In the installations, air and water are purified by UV light – we have to get close to them. Then they give us what we need: touch and nourishment.

Supported by Pandemic Healing Arts & Wrong e.V. & Holzmarktstifung e.V.
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Widerkunst III @ Holzmarkt25 | Aug. 2020
Ars Electronica Online Gallery | Sep. 2020

Supported by funds from the Holzmarkt Foundation & Pandemic Healing Arts Foundation.